Welcome to Carlsen and associates Consulting

Why CAC?


Dr. Ben Carlsen is the principal and creates a results-focused team unique to each project.  

Dr. Ben has experience in both the private and public sectors and in academia.  His professional background includes:

Bachelor of Science, University of Washington, Seattle

MBA, Pepperdine University, Malibu

Doctorate in Organization and Leadership, University of San Francisco.

Certificate in Employer-Employee Relations, UCLA, Los Angeles

Clients include:  Security Pacific Bank, County of Los Angeles, Pacific Retirement Management Corp,, Mustard Seed Foundation

Dr. Carlsen's credentials include:  Certified Systems Professional, membership in Los Angeles County Management Association, President of Association for Systems Management (S. Cal), Board of Directors of Data Processing Management Association, Chairman, L.A., County Prodictivity Management Association, President, Chateau Biscayne Ass'n.  His teaching experience is primarily in Business, Managemrent, Organization Development, Human Resources, Supervision & Management, etc.:  He taught at:  Cal. State Univ. Los Angeles, University of California (Davis), University of San Francisco, University of Phoenix, Corinthian College, Western International University, Broward College, and he was President/Provost of the Los Angeles County College of Nursing & Allied Health.


Examples of Results

While Chief of the Management Systems Division, Dr. Carlsen formed an Internal Consulting organization which included Cost Management and Reduction, Management/Industrial Engineering, Methods and Systems Improvement, and employee development.  Improvements totaled over $40m.

Los Angeles County is a mammoth governmental entity.  The County is larger (in population) than 42 of the 50 States.  As Chair of the Productivity Management Association  (a Public-Private initiative) 42 county agencies engaged in a quasi for-profit model of loans to internal entrepreneural managers for new systems with potential for cost-reduction/revenue generation.  Loans were repaid from savings/revenue.  Dr. Carlsen was recognized with a commendation and recognition scroll from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

Security Pacific National Bank was the second  largest bank in California and one of the biggest in the U.S.  Bank of America was their largest competitor. Dr. Carlsen consulted with them on strategic planning.  They were successfully acquired by BofA in 1992.

Pacific Institutional Services Corp., a large retirement fund managent organization based in Pasadena, Ca. was growing so fast it had challenges with strategic adaptation.  Dr. Carlsen worked with the entire executive management team to design and implement a strategic plan which resulted in improved accountability, better performance, and increased revenue. He was paid a bonus by the CEO over-and-above his fees and contacted for a follow-up engagement.

Our mission

Originally established as "Forward Thinking" in Los Angeles, California, Carlsen & Associates Consulting (CAC) specializes in Business and Management Consulting, Education, and Strategic Planning.   

CAC's mission is to assist leaders and their organizations improve strategic positioning, profitability, and performance.